C2 Project News

November 2019

Updates to the History Pages

Paul has been updating the web pages on the loco history. We're still not entirely sure of our loco's true identity, but Paul's research over the past few years has made us 100% confident that our loco was built new at Harbin Forest Machinery Factory in the 1980s, rather than being a rebuild of an earlier loco. However, it now seems unlikely that the loco was actually the last one built. The tender is indeed Harbin C2-221 of January 1988, apparently built to accompany an older loco being overhauled for Dahuichang. However, our loco #4 is more likely to be Harbin C2-208 or C2-209 of 1983.
There is a brand new page about the C2s built at Harbin in the 1980s, which of course included our own #4:Number 4's Classmates. This includes photos of all the locos known, together with details of where they operated.
Also there is a significant update to the Dahuichang Locomotives page in the light of the new information on our own loco and the others at Dahuichang, and some smaller updates to the history of our own loco History of Dahuichang C2 Number 4
In due course, the story will be told in more detail in Paul's book about the 28t steam locos in China.
Archive photo of C2-210 when brand new at Harbin works. Note the bogie tender, air brake reservoir and worksplates on the dome and cabside. The locos built for Rongshan all had air brakes from new, and the steam manifold and injectors were moved outside the cab to make space for the air brake equipment.
Late November 2019