Planned Working Parties

Working Parties

Working Parties 2020

The following is a list of planned working parties, as a quide for people who want to work with us or visit us. They may be altered at short notice, so if you wish to attend on any of the dates given please contact us in advance to avoid a wasted journey.
We also need to know who will be attending so that we can get you booked in with the site management; please note that casual visits to Boston Lodge are now prohibited unless they are planned in advance.
  • 22nd Dec 2019 to 5th Jan - Christmas w/p
  • Fri-Sun 10th-12th Jan - Homework w/p (we won't be at Boston Lodge)
  • Fri-Sun 24th-26th Jan - January w/p
  • Fri-Sun 7th-9th Feb - Extra w/p
  • Fri-Sun 21st-23rd Feb - February w/p
  • Fri-Sun 6th-8th Mar - Extra w/p
  • Fri-Sun 27th-29th Mar - March w/p - CANCELLED due to COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS
  • Fri-Mon 10th-13th Apr - Easter w/p - CANCELLATION MAY BE REQUIRED
  • Fri-Sun 24th-26th Apr - April w/p
  • Fri-Mon 8th-10th May - May day bank holiday w/p
  • Fri-Mon 22nd-25th May - Spring bank holiday w/p
  • Fri-Sun 5th-7th Jun - Extra w/p
  • Fri-Sun 26th-28th Jun - June w/p
  • Fri-Sun 24th-26th Jul - July w/p
  • Fri-Mon 28th-31st Aug - Summer bank holiday w/p
  • Fri-Sun 25th-27th Sep - September w/p
  • Fri-Sun 23rd-25th Oct - October w/p
  • Fri-Sun 6th-8th Nov - Extra w/p
  • Fri-Sun 27th-29th Nov - November w/p
  • Fri-Sun 11th-13th Dec - Extra w/p