Planned Working Parties

Working Parties

Working Parties 2019

The following is a list of planned working parties. They may be altered at short notice, so if you wish to visit us on any of the dates given please contact us first to avoid a wasted journey.
  • 2019

  • Fri-Sun 11th-13th Jan Extra w/p
  • Fri-Sun 25th-27th Jan January w/p
  • Fri-Sun 8th-10th Feb Extra w/p
  • Fri-Sun 22nd-24th Feb February w/p
  • Fri-Sun 8th-10th Mar Extra w/p
  • Fri-Sun 29th-31st Mar March w/p
  • Fri-Mon 19th-22nd Apr Easter w/p
  • Fri-Mon 3rd- 6th May May day bank holiday w/p
  • Fri-Mon 24th-27th May Spring bank holiday w/p
  • Fri-Sun 28th-30th Jun June w/p
  • Fri-Sun 26th-28th Jul July w/p
  • Fri-Mon 23rd-26th Aug Summer bank holiday w/p
  • Fri-Sun 27th-29th Sep September w/p
  • Fri-Sun 25th-29th Oct October w/p
  • Fri-Sun 22nd-24th Nov November w/p