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C2 art

The Chinese C2 isn't the most glamorous class of locomotive, but it has nevertheless inspired some artwork over the years. Here we present a selection of paintings of C2s, from both China and the UK.
This wintry picture is printed in a Chinese diary from the early 1950s. The earliest dated entry in the diary is March 1954 so it was probably printed in 1953. This must be one of the earliest locos imported from Poland or Hungary, that had been built in 1952. The caption says it is at Tieli Forestry Railway, which was established in 1950 and received its first steam locos of this type in late 1952.
The Huanan Forestry Railway is being partly reopened as a tourist operation. This is a detail of a painting created to celebrate the start of refurbishment work. The artist is Zhang Shumei from the Jiamusi Huanan Artists Association. (from https://www.meipian.cn/th5m41b)
A wider view of the image above. The artist Zhang Shumei puts the finishing touches to the painting. (from https://www.meipian.cn/th5m41b)
This striking image was found online and probably represents a loco at Weihe Forestry Railway. Unfortunately we have failed to find a reference to the artist.
This painting by Jonathan Clay was commissioned by one of the C2 Project Group members. You can buy prints from our merchandise page. For a wider range of Johnathan's art, see also Jonathan Clay Transport Art.
This was an early draft for our project logo, created for us by Peter Dennis, a close friend of ours and an excellent transport artist and illustrator. You can see some more of his work here: Peter Dennis Art. This crest merging Chinese and Welsh dragons is very attractive but we have never really used it. Perhaps we should!
Original C2 artwork for Mug. Our C2 is depicted here in working order, as seen at the time of purchase in China. By Peter Dennis (Please note that the C2 Project watermark does NOT appear on mugs)
Original C2 artwork for Mug. Our C2 in future service on the Ffestiniog Railway shown here at Pen Cob approaching Boston Lodge. The hill of Moel y Gest is shown in the background. By Owen Evans (Please note that the C2 Project watermark does NOT appear on mugs)
Japanese artist Fujikura Kikutaro (藤倉 菊太郎) has made some very nice wood-cut art featuring Chinese railways. This is a view of the Jiayang Coal Railway, better known to enthusiasts as Shibanxi. You can buy a book of his art on Amazon .
Peng Xuejun has written a children's book in Mandarin entitled 'Little Forest Train' 森林里的小火车/彭学军. This has some excellent illustrations including several featuring C2s. The front cover and several other illustrations are shown below.
Have any of our readers created some C2 art? We'd be delighted to feature it here.
C2s on stamps