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Driving trains on the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways is an enjoyable hobby. Most of the time. But sometimes, you get one of those days where your 12-hour shift starts and ends in the dark, you’re driving through horizontal sleet, the loco’s not steaming and half the signals have been taken out by a lightning strike. At such times, you question why you give up your spare time to do this for nothing.
This is called a ‘Hobby Review Day’ because a nice dry indoor hobby suddenly seems appealing!

So, here’s the C2 Project stamp collection…
From the 1930s to the 1950s, a 750mm gauge railway connected the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar to a coal mining region at Nalaikh. Locos and rolling stock were provided by the USSR, and included several 28-tonne locos similar to those supplied to China. This stamp issued in 1979 is part of a set featuring Mongolian locomotives, and illustrates a Hungarian-built КВ-4.
Soviet 28-tonne locos worked in many of the Eastern Bloc countries, and some can still be seen working today. This Lithuanian stamp features a Finnish-built PT-4 loco. This was one of a set of two stamps featuring narrow gauge locos issued in in 2002.
There’s nothing linking C2’s with the small West African country of Guiné-Bissau, except that they issued a set of stamps in 2001 featuring Chinese locomotives. Two were Forestry Railway C2s: 115 with the passenger coach is at Chaihe.
The second C2 stamp from Guiné-Bissau features an elaborately decorated loco hauling a train of logs, but the location is harder to identify: possibly Zhanhe or Tieli?
This stamp from Somalia is part of a set featuring Chinese trains issued in 2004. It shows a C2 hauling a log train on the Weihe Forestry Railway.
China has provided aid to a number of African countires over many years; I'm not sure whether this had anything to do with these African stamps featuring Chinese trains?
Finally, this stamp from the African republic of Togo includes one of the 28-tonne locos still at work at the Jiaying coal company’s tourist line in China (often known as Shibanxi).
This stamp is part of a sheet of four issued in 2014 and featuring preserved steam locomotives. Two Ff&WHR locos also feature: seeing these together is a foretaste of things to come with our C2. All we need now is Tornado to visit Blaenau Ffestiniog on a railtour…
If there are any philatelists amongst our readership who know of more ‘C2’ stamps we could add to our collection, please let us know.
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