C2 Photo Album


Number 4 unloaded at Porthmadog Harbour

Number 4 arrives at Harbour Station on Duncan Millner's Lorry - Andrew Nelms
Duncan Millner's Lorry parked over the Welsh Highland railway outside Spooners Bar. Much care needed to be taken not to let the lorry wheels run over the last six feet feet of tram rails as they are still unsupported and not yet connected to Ffestiniog metals. Andrew Nelms
Number 4 at the top of the "Loco Flume" waiting to be lowered into the platform - Andrew Nelms
Number 4 poised for the descent - Andrew Nelms
Number 4 at Harbour Station in the Welsh Highland platform - Sam Miller
Number 4 at Harbour Station in the Welsh Highland platform having just been lowered from Duncan Millner's Lorry - Sam Miller
Number 4 on 22nd Nov 2008 at Harbour Station on the Welsh Highland platform having arrived via Caernarfon - Sam Miller
The first steam locomotive in new platform at Harbour Station? - Andrew Nelms
Number 4 jacked up in the air ready to be lowered on to the 2' gauge skates. - Andrew Nelms
Fitting of the rear skate required the removal of the steam brake return spring where it attaches to the rear of the buffer beam. The nut was rusted on. - Andrew Nelms
In the fading light of Sunday 23rd Nov, the rear skate was finally fitted. - Andrew Nelms
Monday 24th Nov 08 produced the a clear crisp sunny day. This is the view from Harbour Station towards the hills. - Andrew Nelms
Monday morning on the 24th Nov 08 saw the fitting of the front skate. The locomotive hear is ready for it's mile long journey across the cob. - Andrew Nelms
Diesel traction across the cob was supplied by the shunter colloquially known as the Castle Arrrrgghhh. Monty Python fans will understand the significance anyway. - Andrew Nelms
Number 4 approaches Boston Lodge at walking pace in an engineering possession. - Andrew Nelms
Entering Boston Lodge yard with Snowdon as a backdrop. - Andrew Nelms
Number 4 was finally pushed into 8 road at Boston Lodge with the Funkey diesel locomotive: The Vale of Ffestiniog. - Andrew Nelms
As darkness falled on Porthmadog on Monday 24th Nov 08, the tender skates were fitted ready for the haul across the cob following the locomotive. - Andrew Nelms
In the twilightof the 24th Nov 08, the tender waits for morning and transit across the cob. - Andrew Nelms