C2 Photo Album


End of May working party. Work on the tender and loco wheels.

Alan starts the careful removal of the tender tank from the frames. The tender tank is badly worn and is being repaced inits entirety. - Dave Hatt 25/05/2013
The tender frames exposed. New drag boxes will be welded in to conform to Ffestiniog Railway coupling standards. Fortunately the tender is outside framed meaning we don't have to modify it like the locomotive frames. We simply need new axles. - Andrew Nelms 26/05/2013
The old tender tank will be kept until the new tank is made - just in case we need to take any measurments! - Andrew Nelms 27/05/2013
Locomotive wheel hubs. The badly welded on thrust faces have been removed. They will be machined flat and new thrust faces made and attached. Hopefully by the next working party the tyres will have arrived from South Africa. Watch this space! - Dave Hatt 27/05/2013
Roland steam cleaning the locomotive wheel hubs with the "rambo" at Boston Lodge - Andrew Nelms 26/05/2013
Andrew and Clare painting the locomotive wheel hubs with primer just before retiring to the pub to celebrate another succesful weekend. - Dave Hatt 27/05/2013