C2 Photo Album


Photographs of progress from the 2nd May Bank Holiday 2010

We have started dismantling the loco; this shows that the sandbox and smokebox door have been removed. Also all the pipework and rodding passing through the cab front has been removed in preparation for lifting the cab. - Paul Molyneux-Berry 31/5/2010
The smokebox door has been needle-gunned; the reverser has been de-greased and is ready for some more fettling. Each part is removed, cleaned, labelled, photographed and catalogued before being stored. This will allow us to create a work plan, and help us put it all back together too! The spring in the background is a spare. - Paul Molyneux-Berry 31/5/2010
Plenty of clean space in the shed now; hopefully by the end of the year the boiler will be separated from the frames and this will be full! - Paul Molyneux-Berry 31/5/2010
Stores on the racking. One of our main tasks at the recent working party was to get all our stores into the new shed; they had been spread around several location on the FR. The racking is not quite full yet (many of the boxes are empty) but we'll need to erect some more storage space before long. - Paul Molyneux-Berry 31/5/2010
Another view of the stores, showing three of our four mechanical lubricators. The other one has already been dismantled for overhaul. Paul Molyneux-Berry 31/5/2010