C2 Photo Album


Latest pictures from our June 2014 working party

Used BT10 axles (from Mk III carriages) ready to be moved into the workshop for cutting - A Nelms 21/06/2014
The first BT10 axle goes under the knife (band saw). These axles were rejected for future standard gauge use due to surface defects which will be machined away when making the new C2 axles - A Nelms 21/06/2014
Cutting the new axles to length in Boston Lodge '4 road' - A Nelms 22/06/2014
4 loco axles, 3 tender axles and 2 driving crank pins cut to length being shunted back to the C2 shed to await machining. - A Nelms 22/06/2014
An original cast aluminium Chinese Forestry Railways plate has been very kindly donated to us by John Athersuch for use on the loco. Many Thanks John! - A Nelms 22/06/2014