C2 Photo Album


Update from the first weekend in February 2014

Chris and Dave set up the axleboxes to re-machine the recess in which the thrust face is located. - Andrew Nelms 01/02/2014
The re-machined axleboxes lined up in the C2 shed. - Chris Veitch 02/02/2014
Another view of the re-machined axle boxes next to the wheels, still waiting for the new axles and tyres to be fitted. - Andrew Nelms 02/02/2014
Hot of the press (well the milling machine anyway). The first box to be re-machined. The recess for locating the thrust face can clearly be seen. - Chris Veitch 01/02/2014
Another coat of paint on the underside of the frames. This second coat is in blue to get some contrast with the black so we can see where we've already painted. The final coat will of course be black. - Andrew Nelms 02/02/2014