C2 Photo Album


February 2012 - update from the last 6 months

Dave lifting the tender off the wheel sets, this being close to the capacity of our crane rating. The tender is now mounted on the skates (seen on the left) and can be shunted. The suspension components have also been removed. - Andrew Nelms 30/12/2011
This view shows how crowded our shed is now getting. Fortunately from here on in, we are putting things back together. - Andrew Nelms 8/1/2012
Crack detecting of the frames during our Janruarty 2012 working party. - Andrew Nelms 29/1/2012
Starting the overhaul of the loco axle boxes. Here the brasses have been carefully pressed out of the boxes. - Andrew Nelms 17/2/2012
For the first time ever, we have managed a photo of all the C2 owners (including one heir). From left to right back row: Dave, Ken, Sam, Paul, Jon, Alan. Front row: Andrew. - Nikki Walsh 25/1/2012
Jon cutting the axle of one of the tender wheelsets. These axles will have to be scrapped anyway as they are unsuitable for use on 2 foot gauge. - Andrew Nelms 26/2/2012
Andew using an air lance to blast all the grinding dust of the frames. - 26/2/2012
The loco wheelsets are positioned ready to be shipped out for regauging. - Andrew Nelms 26/2/2012
The frames are being turned the correct way up ready for crack detecting the top welds and marking out of the cut lines.
Dave measuring the axle spacing with an inside micrometer. - Paul Molyneux Berry October 2011
This view shows parallels set up for carefully measuring the hornguides, with supports specially made for the job. - Paul Molyneux Berry October 2011
Upturned frames with cut lines marked - Paul Molyneux-Berry 11/02/2012
An ultrasonic survey of the boiler has been undertaken and all looking OK so far. Here is Clare in the smokebox, greasing up before using the thickness probe on the tubeplate. - Paul Molyneux-Berry 12/02/2012