C2 Photo Album


Pictures from Easter 2015

Sam starts to cut the underside of the old tank off the upturned tender frames. A new tank is to be built to replace the old battered original tank. - Andrew Nelms 5/4/2015
Machining the locomotive removable taper horns. - Andrew Nelms 5/4/2015
Dave machining the new brackets to hold the new buffer beam onto the loco frames. - Andrew Nelms 6/4/2015
Upturned tender frames. The whole front end has been cut away as it was badly corroded and will be made new. Here you can see slots cut in the frame stretchers to fit the new spine. - Andrew Nelms 6/4/2015
Another day in the office? Andrew consulting the tender frame drawings over tea break. - David Hatt 5/4/2015