C2 Photo Album


Easter 2012 to Easter 2013 - A busy year with lots of progress.

A view of the C2 frames attached with temporary frame stretchers. The loco wheels are seen on the right ready to go off for the axle stubs to be removed. - Andrew Nelms 26/8/2012
Alan getting impatient and wanting to light the fire now! - Andrew Nelms 30/09/2012
The completed patterns for a Mark 7 vacuum controlled graduable steam brake valve. This is standard equipment for Ffestiniog railway locomotives and additional units are hard to come by. Fortunately pattern maker Bob Smith has very kindly made us these patterns. These will be of great use to both the C2 project and the Ffestiniog Railway.
Sam hydraulic pressure testing the boiler. This will give us a better understanding of the state of the boiler before work starts. - Andrew Nelms 30/09/2012
The C2 shed became my drawing office for several days in October. Here the new drag boxes are being designed. - Andrew Nelms 10/10/2012
Alan cutting the slot in the buffer beam for the front drawbar to pass through. There will be an entirely new buffer beam mounted over the top of the remnants of the old buffer beam which are being retained simply as a mounting point. It will be completely hidden. - 24/11/2012
Sam making the first incision in the tender tank. If it wasn't scrap before it is now! - Andrew Nelms 31/12/2012
Tender wheel sets having the 762mm gauge axles cut. It looks crude but the axles cannot be reused. - Sam Miller
C2 Tender Wheels waiting outside the Boston Lodge erecting shop. These only require new axles and turning as the tyres have plenty of wear left in them ‚- Andrew Nelms 25/01/2013
Frame mounting jigs being built by machinists at the Ffestiniog Railway's Boston Lodge works. - Sam Miller 23/3/2013
The completed frame mounting jigs fully fabricated and machined to precise tolerances wait on a plane table in Boston Lodge Works. - Sam Miller 28/3/13
Alan and Paul line up the jigs on the flat table in Boston Lodge Work erecting shop ready for mounting the two halves of the frames on. - Sam Miller 31/3/2013
The first half of the frames lifted into place on the plane table. - Chris Veitch 31/03/2013
Positioning the first half of the frames on the plane table / jigs prior to lifting in the other half of the frames - Chris Veitch 31/03/2013
The second half of the frames are shunted into the erecting shop ready for lifting - Chris Veitch 31/03/2013
The two halves of the frames being positioned together for the last time before welding. In fact, it actually took us 4 more working days to mount up and position the frames in exactly the correct place before welding could commence - Chris Veitch 31/03/2013
There was a week long working party on the C2 over the 2013 Easter week to move the frames into the main erecting shop at Boston Lodge Works, setup the frames and start the welding. Here is a typical view from the works of Wales' highest peak - Andrew Nelms 03/4/2013
Dave and Paul carefully setting up the frames square. This was a very lengthy process taking several days. - Andrew Nelms - 01 April 13
View looking down the frames lengthways. The weld preps can be seen on the stretchers. - Andrew Nelms 05/04/2013
These new profiles are to be welded into the frames to form the front and rear locomotive drag boxes. They also form strengthening for the frames at the rear. - Andrew Nelms 5/4/2013
The first weld! The Ffestiniog Railway's coded boiler welder Bob Yates makes a start welding the C2 frames back together for the 2 foot gauge. - Andrew Nelms 5/4/2013
The end of the first day of welding. There is still much to weld but a great start. Thanks to all involved! - Andrew Nelms 5/4/2013