C2 Photo Album


Easter 2012 - Frames cut!

Rear drag box and frame bracing removed, rear part of frames cut down to allow cab floor to be lowered. This will help us achieve a spacious cab within the FR loading gauge. - Paul Molyneux-Berry April 2012
David uses the gas axe to cut frame stretchers under the smokebox saddle. - Paul Molyneux-Berry 2012
Chinese Spare Ribs? The two frame halves separated to allow the stretchers to be shortened and cleaned up. - Andrew Nelms 4/7/2012
The two halves of the frames have been jacked apart to allow the strechers to be cleaned up and weld preps made. - Andrew Nelms 9/4/2012.
C2 driving wheelsets ready for overhaul next to original Ffestiniog Railway locomotive Palmerston. - Andrew Nelms 27/03/2012
Gary from Boston Lodge Works carefully removing the old tyres from the driving wheels. - Alan James 9/4/2012
4 of the 8 C2 driving wheels with the tyres removed and the axles cut. New axles are required to be machine and fitted. - Andrew Nelms 7/4/2012
All 8 driving wheels lined up in the C2 shed at Boston Lodge as Dave looks on resting on the boiler. - Andrew Nelms 9/4/2012