C2 Photo Album


August 2011 - Summer update

Paul and Dave dropping the driving wheels out of the frames. The tyres on these wheels have lost around 50 mm across their diameter. - Andrew Nelms 23/4/11.
The frames outside, minus the driving wheels. The frames are ready for their first steam clean prior to removal of the cylinders. - Andrew Nelms 24/4/11
The cab needs to be redesigned inorder to fit the Ffesiniog Railway loading gauge. Recently pictures have surfaced of No. 4 with a smaller cab prior to this on being fitted. This will give us a pattern with which to design an original style cab. Sam and Paul stand in the cab to give a sense of scale. Boston Lodge Duty Site Supervisor Richard Hanlon looks on. - Andrew Nelms 28/5/11.
A hive of activity in the C2 shed. Sam and Seb work on removing the remenants of the boiler cladding while Dave, Holly and Alan work on the frames. - Andrew Nelms 29/5/11.
Alan carefully removes the cylinders from the frames. - Andrew Nelms 30/5/11
Alan deciding what size hammer he is going to use to hit the bolts out. Alan, you're going to need a big one and apply lots of heat from the gas set first. - Andrew Nelms 30/5/11.
The remaining subborn huperheater elements have been chopped off to allow removal of the superheater header. - Andrew Nelms 30/5/11.
Dave using heat to remove a spring hanger. Alan, Sam and Ken look on. - Andrew Nelms 25/06/2011
Ken and Sam taking a rest from removing the dome cover bolts. - Andrew Nelms 25/6/2011
Prising the cylinders off the frames. - Andrew Nelms 26/6/2011
Success! The drivers side cylinder casting is finally removed. - Andrew Nelms 26/6/2011
Job well done: Alan, Yorkie, Ken, Joe and Sam. Cylinders loaded on to the wagon. - Andrew Nelms 26/6/2011
Alan designed and made a new tool for removing the detachable horn faces from the frames. - Andrew Nelms 30/07/2011