C2 Photo Album


Working Party 24th to 25th April 2010. Installation of the new siding and moving No. 4 to its new home.

Installation of the points for the new siding into the shed. - Alan James 24/04/2010
While Harlech Castle sits on 10 road at Boston Lodge, Glan-y-Mor yard 15 road is lifted for the installation of the new siding into the shed. The new siding is being build using chaired bull head rail. All the other track in Glan-y-Mor yard is flat bottlom. - Alan James 24/04/2010
Andy Carey of the Ffestiniog Railway PW department eyes up the alighnment - Alan James 24/04/10
Recconecting 15 road - Alan James 24/04/2010
New points installation - Alan James 24/04/2010
The new siding into the C2 shed is on quite a curve. No double engines round here! - Alan James 24/04/2010
Number 4 uncovered from its tarpaulin tent in 8 road for the first time in a year or so. It is ready to be shunted to the new shed. - Dave Thurlow 25/04/2010
Number 4 finally on the move again hovering 3 inches above the track! Having dropped down out of 8 road it is ready to head up 10 road towards the shed. - Alan James 25/04/2010
Posing outside the shed. - Alan James 25/04/2010
Sam carefully easing the loco into the shed while Paul watches closely - Alan James 25/04/2010
Number is slowly shunted into the shed - Alan James 25/04/2010
Number 4 finally in its new home. This has taken some doing. Now the fun can start! - Alan James 25/04/2010
This felt like quite a big shed until we put a steam engine in it. Where did all the space go? - Alan James 25/04/2010
Sam and Alan eyeing up the alignment of the new siding. I say "new" but those chairs are Penrhyn Quarry railway vintage. - Dave Thurlow 25/04/2010