C2 Photo Album


Welding the components for the loco and tender couplings. - Andrew Nelms 15/11/2017
Completed coupling pin assemblies for locomotive and tender - Andrew Nelms 15/11/2017
Arrangement for drilling the pilot holes in the loco frames for mounting the rear loco buffer beam. - Andrew Nelms 23/11/2017
8 pilot holes drilled in the rear of the loco frames to line up with those pre-drilled in the rear buffer beam - Andrew Nelms 23/11/2017
Offering up the rear loco buffer beam to the frames. Due to the time and effort carefully measuring out the pilot holes in the frames, they all perfectly lined up with buffer beam. - Andrew Nelms 24/11/2017
Andrew posing while drilling the pilot holes for the loco front buffer beam using the Mag-base drill - Andrew Nelms 25/11/2017
Locomotive complete with front and rear buffer beams attached. It is shown here with the front coupling attached. The bolts will later be replaced with countersunk fitted bolts which will be flush with the buffer beam. - Andrew Nelms 26/11/2017
Locomotive rear buffer beam mounted temporarily with M24 bolts. These need changing for fitted bolts which are on order - Andrew Nelms 24/11/2017
The set of tender roller bearing puller components. - Chris Veitch Nov 2017
Trial assembly of the tender roller bearing puller onto the axle - Chris Veitch Nov 2017
Trial fit of the tender roller bearing puller sleeve onto the axle - Chris Veitch Nov 2017
Carol, in the carriage works, has been painting the loco brake gear components while we were away. Thanks Carol! - Andrew Nelms Nov 2017
Like opening an early Christmas present. New tender roller bearings have arrived. - Andrew Nelms Nov 2017