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album:November 2020

Homework projects

As well as working on the steam valves from the loco, Paul has been acquiring suitable valve handwheels. The top one came from the stores at Dahuichang; never fitted to our loco but it is in accordance with the Polish drawings for the hot water manifold valves. The middle and lower ones were acquired from the Ukraine by Paul. This seems to have been a distinctive Soviet pattern. We now have several of each size and plan to use these instead of the crude T-handles as supplied on our loco.
Turbogenerator turbine disk, with part of the outer band removed.
A single turbine blade, rather chewed.
A single turbine blade, rather chewed.
A segment of the outer band of the turbine disc.
Turbogenerator housing with broken foot.
Turbogenerator electrical terminals - new and old!
Turbogenerator housing with foot repaired by CIWS.
New insulating sleeve to line the hole where the wires pass through the casting.
One of the many new drawings prepared by Dave: this is the boiler backhead pressing.
Example of the material property comparisons being done by Paul: this relates to the steel bar to be used for stays.
Paul's space envelope drawing of the steam manifold, for use in the cab layout drawings. Note the new valve handwheels on certain valves. Part of the purpose of the layout drawings is to ensure that all the controls are in easy reach and that there aren't any finger traps or opportunities for the unwary to burn themselves.
Dahuichang wasn't all about C2s - the factory also had standard-gauge sidings that were originally shunted by a steam loco. Paul recently acquired this slide of SY0251 in steam at Dahuichang - an ebay purchase!
The 1980s Chinese/Japanese film 'The Go Masters' features an exciting scene where police on horseback stop a speeding train and arrest one of the passengers. And look what is hauling the train! Here's a publicity still from the film (another of Paul's ebay purchases) featuring Gaobedian Local Railway 28t loco 2824, the Shijiazhuang-built equivalent of a C2.