C2 Photo Album

album:May 2017

This brake block as used on the FR's Funkey diesel is a perfect fit on the C2 wheels!
Brake cross-stretchers and a slack adjuster
Slack adjusters and brake block carriers. Some of these required considerable heat and persuasion to get them apart!
Front bufferbeam with trim tacked in place ready for final welding.
Alan tidies up a motion bracket.
The rear spring safety brackets. But what colour should they be?
Andrew admires his handiwork at the rear end of the tender.
Mongolian C2: There were a few forestry lines in the Nei Mongol autonomous region, but they closed or dieselised relatively early and were little visited by western enthusiasts with cameras. So we were very pleased to receive a scan of this portrait of #12 at Ganhe in November 1999, newly added to our photo archive.

This was originally a Polish-built KP-4 loco (Chrzanów 3556/1958) and the worksplate is just visible on the dome. It has been thoroughly updated by the Chinese to be indistinguishable from a C2. It now has a long wide cab, roller bearings on rods and tender axleboxes, new lubricator, side blowdown valves, top feed, dome inspection hatch and external regulator linkage. The many changes to the boiler fittings may indicate that a new one has been fitted.

The loco looks freshly overhauled, which would probably have been done at Chaihe a few months after our own C2 was overhauled there. We're often asked what livery our loco will be outshopped in and this photo would be a good answer to that question. Note the rear spring safety brackets are red (as is the motion bracket), also the distinctive trim around the bufferbeam is picked out in white: these are all items we've been working on this weekend as described in the paragraphs above.

(Photo © Nicholas Pertwee)
New front buffer beam with the trim welded on.
Detail of the trim after the welds have been cleaned up. This will look great in red with white trim!
Has a chopper coupling ever been so shiny? Andrew has made a lovely job of these parts!