C2 Photo Album

album:Late April 2018

Tender spring hanger knife edges in production.
Tender horn plate, with the additional holes drilled.
The holes for the grease nipples were then tapped, and the nipples trial fitted.
Although the blue looks pretty, it's not the final colour. We've only found one photo of a C2 painted blue - here it is.
David Lloyd George poses in the sun at Tan-y-grisiau, while Paul was driving a passenger train. Most of the working party was blessed with warm summery weather, but it turned wet on Sunday. Meanwhile Andrew was driving Blanche on a freight duty.
The tender frames in blue witness coat. Andrew applies some finishing touches. From this angle the front face is reflecting a yellow tool locker (out of shot) so it's reminiscent of the old British Rail livery.
Skimming the outer lateral horn faces on the Bridgeport mill.
Skimming the longitudinal horn faces on Churchill the surface grinder.