C2 Photo Album

album:July 2021

The full set of brake pins for loco and tender are now complete.
The thrust block for the loco steam brake cylinder: skimming the thrust face using the Bridgeport milling machine.
Trial assembly of parts of the tender brake gear linkage, to check the fit of all the links and pins.
Helen pressing bushes into the brake gear links.
'Welsh Pony' at Tan-y-Bwlch on Friday: one of the turns that Paul drove. Jon was also on the footplate that day.
The Guangzhou Tongsheng loco works built a range of narrow gauge steam and diesel locos, including these ZM-4 28t locos which were mechanically the same as a C2 but had some differences in appearance. Apart from the distinctive front end styling, they also had 6-wheel slope-back tenders. Several early photos exist of this subclass, but none are known to have survived.