C2 Photo Album

album:July 2018

Extract from the Chinese Forestry Railways maintenance manual for 28-tonne locos (C2 and predecessors). This was first published in 1957 and refers to the class as КП4, КВ4 (the Polish and Hungarian versions that were imported to China in the early 1950s). The first row of numbers represents the cylinder bore dimension. 285mm is the design value for a new loco. After major overhaul (sent back to Harbin works) the bore should not exceed 295mm. At intermediate overhaul (usually at the loco's home railway) 301mm is permitted. Also on this page are the dimensions for the valves, crankpins and slidebars. Does anyone fancy helping us to translate the other 100 pages?
Paul arrives at Minffordd on our way to collect the C2 and take it back home. We've upgraded from 'Moel-y-Gest' to a top-and-tail formation of Upnor Castle and Criccieth Castle. Colin is manning the Cricc at the back of the train.
The C2 frames stand alongside the waggon shed in Minffordd Yard, ready to be hauled up the yard curve.
The weather was rather changeable; a mixture of sunshine and showers. Here Paul and Colin shunt the Upnor Castle, with a bright rainbow against the threatening sky.
Waiting for a path. Our train is ready to return to Boston Lodge once the last passenger train of the day has passed.
A clean and tidy shed, with the major components we'll need in the next 12 months laid out alongside the boiler. The three wise monkeys are Alan, Dave and Erle.
A broadside view of the C2 frames, ready to return to Boston Lodge. The steep and sharp curve into the yard is visible in the foreground. We've done the hard bit already!
The C2 frames back home in the shed. After this picture was taken we uncoupled the tender from the loco and swapped them around, as this will simplify the next stages of work.