C2 Photo Album

album:January 2020

General view of the Vampire model
Side elevation of the Vampire model
Steam valve handles. The top 3 were acquired from the stores at Dahuichang and would have come from the hot water manifold of one of the earlier 28t locos there. The bottom row came from eBay. Three Soviet ones from the Ukraine and a modern German one. This picture was taken before the larger ones were cleaned up.
Polish drawing of the hot water manifold, which was never fitted to our loco. The details of the 5-lobed handwheels can be seen top right.
The first adjuster rods have now been refitted to the driver's side Lubricator with their new springs. The rods are all existing which were suitable for refitting. Three pumps have still to be fitted with the new rods to finish this Lubricator. If you look at the top of the adjuster screws you will see a small hole cut off center. We believe this is a visual indicator so you can tell how far round you have moved the screw.
New lubricator drain plug to replace the missing one.
First of the adjuster rods machined up showing one of the original and the tool made to cut the groove. These still require heat treatment, which we'll do at the next working party.
The spare ratchet is back together with two new lip seals and refurbished handle's fitted. A new lip seal spreader had to be made to match the longer thread on the center shaft to ease the seal into place.