C2 Photo Album

album:January 2017 working party

pics from Chinese New Year

The innards of an injector. Well actually two injectors and several sets of spares.
Andrew fettles the tender frames to make the new spine channels a perfect fit.
James fettles the end of a spine channel ready for fitting to the tender.
A brief break in the rain sees the C2 tender frames and the frame of Kerr Stuart 4115 being shunted in Boston Lodge Yard, with the Glaslyn estuary and the foothills of Snowdonia in the background. Members of the C2 Project have had a hand in the restoration of both these locos and indeed both the flat wagons they are resting on.
Eight loco axleboxes assembled and machined; the ninth (a spare) is nearly finished too.
A closeup of the side that faces the back of the wheel; a removable thrust face bolts on here.