C2 Photo Album

album:February 2020

Assembly of refurbished pump units into the spare lubricator.
All the pumps now fitted.
Fitting the strainer into the enlarged holes.
With the lid fitted, the third (spare) lubricator is nearing completion.
Dave 1 made a lot of swarf! (don't worry, we did clean it all up afterwards)
A collection of pins and collars for the brake gear, made by Andrew and both Daves.
Trial assembly of brake hanger with brake block carrier and composite block. With brand new wheels and blocks, clearances are the tightest they will be in the loco's life.
As well as several pieces of steel for brake gear and some tooling, we received these pieces of Vesconite which will soon become the bearings for the reverser weighshaft and expansion link.
Porthmadog harbour with the water over-topping the walls. Note the quayside fences surrounded by water! A combination of low air pressure, high tide, strong wind from the sea and heavy rain coming down the river caused this extreme water level. Fortunately this was the highest it got, and the only building getting damp was the harbour master's office.
Looking out across the cob, with waves breaking over the embankment. Boston Lodge in the distance is obscured by the heavy rain of Storm Ciara.
New piston rod for the loco steam brake cylinder, machined from a rectangular block by Paul.
Many of us had challenges getting home! Hopefully the forthcoming Storm Dennis will have passed by the time of our next working party.