C2 Photo Album

album:Early March 2020

More brake pins - All the locomotive brake pins are now complete. - Andrew Nelms, March 2020
Reversser handle assembly. This will require some more cleaning and tiding up - Chris Veitch, March 2020
Components of the reverser handle laid out on the bench. This includes the two new non-standard washers manufactured by Chris on the lathe. - Chris Veitch, March 2020
Steam tube fitted to Spare Lubricator. - Erle Ford, March 2020
Pump adjusters cleaned by Edward and finished off by Erle on the Spare Lubricator - Erle Ford, March 2020
Pump blanking plugs for when pumps are not fitted, to seal lower chamber oil gallery in the side wall. The hole in the middle is to allow oil to escape under the plug when pressed into place. - Erle Ford, March 2020
All 3 finished Lubricators with a coat of paint for any bare metal left unpainted. (Steam oil, Bearing Oil and spare lubricator) - Erle Ford, March 2020
Last job of manufacturing pump adjuster rods.Erle Ford, March 2020