C2 Photo Album


Easter Working Party 2010

Number 4's tender moved to it's tempoary location outside the shed. The Castle Arrrgggggh shunter (now known as Moel-y-Gest) moving it on its skates. - Andrew Nelms 03/04/2010
The Tender now resting back on its own wheels on 2' 6" spaced bullhead rails outside the shed. - Andrew Nelms 03/04/2010
Taken from Glan-y-Mor yard head shunt and Boston Lodge. - Andrew Nelms 03/04/2010
Sam winches the tender into place outside the shed doors. Those headlights in the yellow tray are likely to become one of my homework projects! - Andrew Nelms 03/04/2010
One of the 2' gauge skates which the tender has been moved on. The green frame was custom made by us to fit the tender. The rollers were originally made for the Quarry Hunslet Britomart when it was placed on a float and paraded through Porthmadog highstreet on a float with it's wheels going round. - Andrew Nelms 03/04/2010
Number 4's cab breifly exposed from it's tent at Boston Lodge after the moving of the tender. - Andrew Nelms 03/04/2010
Number 4 nestling under the cliffs at the back of Boston Lodge 8 road. There are some 3' gauge Isle of Man wheel sets visible too! - Andrew Nelms 03/04/2010
Number 4's Cab. We have removed most of the valuable fittings. - Andrew Nelms 03/04/2010
Sleepers layed out for the new siding into the C2 shed. - Andrew Nelms 04/04/2010
The point work on the left is ready to be installed and then we can fix the rails for the siding in place. The C2 project wagon 80 can also been seen in this view. - Andrew Nelms 04/04/2010
Number 4, tender, wagon, shed and pointwork (virtually all of out project) in one shot. - Andrew Nelms 04/04/2010
MOD herritage train consiting of the Baldwyn tractor, two MOD flats and two RAF wagons as barrier vehicles. A convienient way of moving our track components from Minffordd yard to Boston Lodge. - Andrew Nelms 05/04/2010
Track inside the C2 shed - Andrew Nelms 05/04/2010